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Deploying Sailpoint IIQ in an environment previously managed completely manually

  • Client is a leading developer of the world’s most popular social games that are played by millions of people around the world each day.

  • RAAH was invited to provide them with reports for data clean-up and define roles based on job functions for better control.

Problem Statement

  • Most of the user provisioning processes is done manually with no role based access control in place.

  • There are many orphan accounts in the critical systems such as AD (9000), LDAP (8000), Oracle ERP (9500) and home grown business applications.

  • Additionally, some accounts are also part of high risk groups that provides unnecessary access to those users.

Technology Used

  • SailPoint IIQ

Implemented Solution

  • Understanding business and technical requirements of overall Client requirements for RBAC readiness and Data Analysis.

  • Using Sailpoint IQ system, RAAH analyzed the data and provided reports. Activities with Sailpoint included:

  • Getting raw data from Client and parsing the data files based on Sailpoint requirements

  • Importing the data files for Oracle HR as authoritative source of records and creating new identities

  • Importing the data files for AD, LDAP and ERP systems into Sailpoint and correlating these identities with parameters with the Sailpoint identities.

  • Extracting reports, analyzing for orphan accounts.

  • Analyzing group membership of user accounts and providing list of high risk group membership.

  • Building account relationships between AD, LDAP, ERP and Oracle HR data for concise reports.

  • Providing list to Client for review, taking feedback and revising Sailpoint rules and filters accordingly.

  • Defining new roles based on existing data and Best Practices for RBAC readiness.

  • Preparing presentation with graphical reports for each of the above analysis.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Successfully defining and deployment of Role based access control

  • Successfully implementing Segregation of Duty to remove unnecessary user access

  • Cleaning up and mapping of orphan accounts with exact user

  • Identifying high risk roles/groups and building audit level reports for user access and roles based on user’s job function

  • Platform readiness for Access and Entitlement Certification

  • Received bottom-up analysis on in-scope identity and entitlements data

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