Large Federal Agency utilized RAAH for faster, efficient and automated onboarding and offboarding of users along with better security

  • Agency is responsible for providing vital services to Americans.

  • Agency provides health care services, benefits programs and access to national cemeteries to former military personnel and their dependents

Problem Statement

  • All applications within the agency must mandate by the memo to comply with the Identity and Access Management (IAM) requirements to ensure that references to the identity of users and their beneficiaries are reflected accurately. Overall, this will improve the service rendered to the users and their beneficiaries throughout the agency

  • As part of the On Boarding and Off Boarding of Employees, Contractors and Volunteers, the Provisioning System should be able to:

  • Search for Person (Unattended – with Corresponding IDs)

  • Search of Identity Data from Master Index

  • Add Person (Implicit with Search)

  • Add Person (Add Correlation)

  • Update Person

  • Merge Person

  • Resolve Local Duplicates

  • Resolve Mismatch

  • Need for assigning SEC ID to existing user population via automation process

Technology Used

  • CA Identity Manager

  • CA SSO (SiteMinder)

  • CA Directory

Benefits of the Solution

  • Each target audience group in Agency was benefitted by the IAM solution that was implemented

  • The IAM solution could satisfy the use cases both in the areas of functional and technical

  • Veterans using the Agency Provisioning Service got a better user experience

  • The solution helped successfully integrate and leverage authentication engine using CA SiteMinder, identity record retrieval and storing system using CA Directory and CA Identity Manager for developing screens, defining tasks, policies, implementing provisioning services.

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