Major Automobile Sales Conglomerate

Custom Workforce Management Application built on ServiceNow platform was buffed to streamline the hiring process and provide an ease-of-use UI for managers to approve/deny access requests.

  • Client changing the way car dealers, manufacturers and individuals think about buying and selling cars, because they believe in matching the right cars to the right drivers. 

  • Client is a merger of several Auto companies of varying size. With that said there are many companies with recruits being onboarded everyday who need access to applications.

  • The Service Station Position Tracker (CAPG) application provides a streamlined process for creating and managing all new, backfill, and conversion requests. 

  • The Service Station Workforce Management application involves a set of activities related to managing, forecasting, and allocating teams and their team members in alignment with Café and Operational models established 


Problem Statement

  • Today when a new employee is hired it is difficult to manage his profile.

  • It is a frenetic process to track the new hire, approvals to finance team, maintaining teams for hiring managers.

  • This application also helps in conversion of a contractor to an employee, backfill and new resources and maintain his data over the teams.


Technology Used

  • RESTful webservice

  • JavaScript

  • Bots

  • Integration with Service Station Workforce Management Application built on ServiceNow


Implemented Solution

  • Designed a form for managers to make it easy to hire a new member.

  • Built tables like teams to manage all the teams in the organization, Roster ID’s which are unique to individual.

  • Maintains team’s hierarchy from portfolio to delivery stream, release train, scrum team, up to decaf teams.

  • Streamlined approval process for hiring resources using bot approvals based on specific conditions.

  • Made restful webservice calls to Oracle to populate required into the tables 


Benefits of the Solution

  • Makes hiring easier and quicker to hire a resource.

  • Help Cox Automotive keep track of their teams by giving managers an easy-to-use interface which allows them to list their teams and better manage people across the organization


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