Automotive Sales Technology Giant

Leveraged RAAH's expertise to integrate ServiceNow with existing IAM tools

Client is changing the way car dealers, manufacturers and individuals think about buying and selling cars, because they believe in matching the right cars to the right drivers. Client is a merger of several Auto companies of varying size. With that said there are many companies with recruits getting onboarded everyday who need access to applications.

  • IAM web service layer is used to provide access to employees in the organization.

  • It is a RESTful web service which is developed by Client – IAM engineering team. Oauth 2.0 secures IAM service layer and accessible from everywhere i.e both the internal network and external networks.


Problem Statement

  • Application owners and support team members are managing application access through OIM UI.

  • OIM UI has a slow response when support team members are accessing the UI.

  • There are many pending requests causing major backlogs.


Technology Used

  • RESTful webservice

  • JavaScript

  • ServiceNow

  • OIM

  • Integration with w/ existing Okta solution

Implemented Solution

  • Designed a form for end users to request access to applications

  • Built tables to manage applications, their entitlements, categories in SNOW

  • SNOW plays the role of Oauth client and will request access to applications.

  • Resource server is the IAM Restful webservices that represent the protected resources owned by end user. They require a valid Oauth token to serve information back to SNOW. 

  • Oauth server is responsible for authenticating the end user and for issuing and validating Oauth tokens.

  • Built Rest messages and workflow in SNOW to communicate between SNOW and IAM.


Benefits of the Solution

  • Quick responses to end users

  • Immediate access to users to requested applications.

  • Gives application owners valuable time back to work on development of their applications

  • Quicker approvals to application access. 


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