Big Pharma- B2B Customer Identity Management

Gigya for B2B

  • Client is a leader in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for animal care. 

  • Is using a complex, very custom home-grown solution, looking to consolidate SAP offerings and implement Gigya to replace current solution.

Problem Statement

  • Solution needs to replace current deployment on a global scale of 24 different markets, with 30+ applications deployed in some or all of those markets in different capacities.

  • Gigya needs to support requirements that vary based on a given market, application, login standard, registration requirements, compliance stipulations, and more. 

  • Gigya DS needs to store both user account information, as well as customer account information from upstream data sources (Accounts, Organizations, Employees, etc). 

  • Custom development to support Gigya Use Cases for B2B is a must.


Technology Used

  • Gigya

  • Hosting Provider (to host proxy pages, Webhooks code, proxied API calls, Datastore backend search tool for non-user objects, etc)

  • .NET

Implemented Solution

  • Worked with client IDM team to understand the current environment and their desired end state (basically lift and shift in regards to the functionality requirement, but with an entirely different solution where lift and shift would be impossible)

  • Worked with client apps teams to create timelines and migration planning to implement Gigya globally for every customer-facing application

  • Performed gap analysis of the current state and define a Business requirements statement for the project

  • Designed and Architected IAM solution using GIgya and existing upstream data sources for customer accounts, etc.

  • Developed the requirements for Customer-facing solutions for B2B using CIAM tools:

    • RaaS- Registration as a Services​

    • SAML 2.0

    • Oauth 2.0

    • Backend Application registration using Gigya API's

  • Created custom workflows for each application and all of its iterations in multiple markets. 

Benefits of the Solution

  • Achieved better compliance and governance in place by deploying Gigya, which is GDPR compliant by design. This, in turn, satisfied business, technical and audit requirements

  • Identity Lifecycle Management and migration of existing business rules for users were moved to Gigya. 

  • RAAH’s SMEs were able to guide and resolve architecture and implementation gaps and coordinate with DEV teams to plan out the implementation from scratch. 

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