Federal Agency dealing with Bank Affiliation and Currency uses RAAH for stronger external security and IAM solution

Expert Guidance

  • All Banks / Institutions need to be affiliated with Agency, and all banks are regulated by Agency.

  • For these Banks, Agency needs to provide strong L2, L3 level security along with automated workflow based user provisioning & deprovisioning, password management, access management for application resource protection and more. They have thousands of users and groups in Active Directory (AD) and external users get access to their application and resources through AD group membership.

Problem Statement

  • Agency being a regulatory agency has to maintain top level security for itself and for the banks that affiliates with Agency. Due to this, tight security with automation was important requirement

  • Agency helpdesk team were getting several calls from external users in the banks to register and reset their passwords

  • Banks were complaining about multiple times login and session timeout while using Agency applications and systems

  • Distinct types of banks and their employees has various levels of accesses within Agency and each of them needed to be carefully designed and implemented

  • Agency did not want to manage and administer the bank users but wanted to have the complete control

  • Automation of identity lifecycle was must

  • Adaptive Authentication was a need to challenge to external user based on his risk scores, geographic location, time of the login, etc.

Technology Used

  • CA Identity Manager

  • CA SSO (SiteMinder)

  • CA Advanced Authentication

Benefits of the Solution

  • Banks and affiliates could easily register with Agency

  • Single Sign On helped avoiding multiple times login for L1, L2 and L3 level secured resources

  • Delegated administration provided better administration to the banks registering their employees with the control still in Agency’s hands

  • Self-service password reset made the helpdesk calls fewer in number

  • Identity Management provided complete administration, automation and control of user’s identities

  • Risk based and multi factor authentication and authorization provided the level of security that Agency needed for regulation

  • Overall the IAM solution helped Agency to gain security, automation, peace of mind and effective productivity.

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